Monday, August 27, 2012

Sidewalk Paint Recipe

I have been thinking about what to focus my "me" time to and as you can see my main focus will be on planning crafty projects for the little one.  I am still going to do a little of what I love but you will soon be seeing an overload of kiddy stuff.

And with that said, I saw this on pinterest and had to try it.  It was a huge hit with Cindy.  When she sees our back patio she asks to paint.  I have to admit I enjoyed it too! 

It is really easy to make.  One cup of corn starch and one cup of water.  I added a little more cornstarch to make it thicker.  I store mine in a tupperware and when we want to paint I just stir it and pour. 

I poured it into a cupcake pan and we mixed in the food coloring.  It was cute to see her a little amazed to see the colors come to life. 
We headed out and spent almost an hour sitting there and just painting.   I poured water into the empty cups and she enjoyed swirling the colors into the water and seeing the water change.  Oh the simple things in life.
My favorite part is that I am only one big bucket away from cleanup.   Love it!


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