Her First Tote

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Along with shoes, Cindy loves bags.  She got this adorable back pack for her birthday and every so often she puts the straps around her neck and carries it all around the house.  It is adorable and looks pretty funny.  She will pretty much carry anything with a strap.  Because she loves bags, I wanted to make a special one just for her. 

At first I thought about making something really fun and intricate.... ruffles, pockets, and the whole sha bam but then I saw a bunch of these simple summer totes and I knew it was perfect.  I figure I would save the fancy purse for when she is a little bit older so I can fill it with tons of Fancy Nancy things.  I do love this little tote and if you want to make one HERE is the tutorial.

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  1. Super cute! It looks like the perfect beach or library bag.


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