Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tutorial: Painted Toddler Tote

 I am tote crazy because I want to make tons of these little cuties!  It is super easy and isn't it darling?  It's the perfect library book bag.  [Be sure to read the entire tutorial once before actually starting.]
I started with one big rectangle piece of canvas.  I thought if I painted one full piece with stripes and then cut it in half I wouldn't have to worry about the stripes lining up. You can cut yours wider or longer, it is up to you.

Use tape to create a design.  You can get really creative with this part but I kept it simple.  Theree stripes for me.  Once the tape is down, start painting with any kind of fabric paint.
[one] Once the paint has dried, peel the tape and heat set the paint with an iron. 
[two] Cover the paint with a piece of fabric and set the hot iron down.  This will keep the paint from getting washed away. 
[three] Then cut the piece in half.

Pin right sides together and sew the bag together.

You can technically skip this next step but I like my bags to have a little body.  To create some depth:
[one]  Take each corner and and pinch it like shown in the picture.
[two] Measure and mark how much you want to cut off.  I did an inch and a half. 
[three]  You can see my mark and how it looks when the bag is standing up.  Sew it.
[four]  Trim the excess and zigzag the edge.

Now hem the top, pin it down, and sew.

Almost done!  Now turn the bag right side out.

Now you can create straps using the canvas but cotton webbing is so cheap [1.50/yard] I just bought some to make it easier on myself.  Plus, I love the way it looks on tote bags. 

Measure out how long you want the straps.  Tuck them under so the raw edge will be sewn over and pin it.  Sew the two straps on.

And that is it!  It's time to take the bag for a spin.  She loved it and maybe because I put a bag of goldfishes in it.  It was so cute how she would randomly sit down and just take her book out.
So get going and make your own painted tote!


  1. Her new bag matches her outfit perfectly! I may have to start painting my own canvas since I have trouble finding prints that I love.

  2. seriously?!!!! how awesome is this! do u have a mommy matching one?

  3. I would so do this if I have a girl!!

    Kudos, Mommy!


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