Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vintage Bridal Shower Tea Party

Awhile ago I did some paper crafts for my cousin who was going to host a Bridal Shower with a theme that I love... a vintage tea party!  She is amazing at party planning.  She help start a company that does candy buffets and they have such a gift for putting things together.   Check out their Facebook page at Sweet Boutique Candy Buffet.  I know first hand how awesome the candy buffets are because Cindy had one for her first birthday.

Anywhoo, I love tea parties and I forsee a tea party for one of Cindy's birthdays in the future.  The one she hosted came out so darn cute that I just had to share.  Lets first start at the guest book table.
I just love it!  A tea pot, lace overlay for the table, pens in a tea cup, and a personal touch with the bride and groom's picture.  And what a great idea to put the instructions for the guest book in an Ikea frame.  Those Tolsby frames are 99 cents and can be spray painted any color! 

The two small parts I helped out with were the banner and guest book page. 
I imitated a guest book page she found on another site.  You can download a blank copy HERE.  The font I used for the name was Jane Austen and you can find instructions on how to insert the name at the very end of THIS post. 

Now, onto the rest of the party.  My favorite part would have to be the centerpieces on the table!  LOVE it.  I don't know where she found that bird tin but I want to steal it.  Hydrangeas are my fave and I think the stacked tea cups are very clever.  The mason jars with the lemon slices add the final perfect touch.

What caught my attention from the candy table was the old glass window that they wrote on.  Such a cute little piece to give it that vintage feel.  I myself also love cupcakes accompanied by a small cake.  I did that at Cindy's party.  It is just easier to serve, cheaper, and those cupcake stands are also pretty inexpensive.

And a party isn't a party without paper pom poms.  I have a tutorial for those HERE.  You can see some details from the candy buffet below.  I just love the personal touches included in the party decor with the couple's engagement picture between the cookies. 

My cousin never ceases to amaze me at how she puts together these parties.  After seeing this, planning a kids tea party is for sure in my future.


  1. I think Patty, you should open up a party planning business over here. I for sure would let you plan Lexie's party :) You did a really great job with Cindy's!

    1. Thanks Lucie! If I had the resources out here I would totally throw kids parties for a living :D. I am sure you will do an amazing job with Lexie's party.

  2. Love it! I can't wait to throw my sister a bridal shower (get engaged already!).

  3. You guys are hired :) Now I just need to get engaged :)

  4. Can you please tell me what font you used for the banner! I've been looking for one like this!

  5. I am planning to throw my sister a bridal shower at famous Malibu wedding venues. Will arrange purple and white color themed party. Will invite all her friends and loved ones for her bridal shower. Will try to make her day memorable one.


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