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Baby Doll Bed

Monday, September 17, 2012

Cindy has recently gotten into "pretend" play and I love it!  Pretending to eat food, feed her babies, and yup putting her dolls to sleep.  Sometimes, I will find her putting her doll in her trash can and saying sleep.  Poor doll, I guess she has to sleep in the trash can.   I finally decided to just try and make her a doll bassinet and here it is!!

It is a little wonky since it is the first pancake flop but it get's the job done.  I haven't given it to her yet because I still want to make a matching doll quilt and pillow.  I got this idea from Dana at Made.  She is amazing.  She doesn't have a tutorial for it but mentioned that she used this plastic canvas for the sides.  Image borrowed from Made.

So, I got some and just gave it a whirl and tried to figure it out.  It isn't  as nice as Dana's but she is a pro so I don't feel bad.  The doll bed is good enough for me.  It has handles so she can hold and carry the baby around and pockets for the baby bottle and a hair brush.

I also added a little squishy pillow mattress  not that the doll will care but I just thought it looked cute.  It fits her favorite doll perfectly!  I am still debating about whether to make a pattern and tutorial.  What do you think?