Sunday, September 2, 2012

How to Cover a Diaper Box

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I have been a busy busy bee putting everything aside to organize and give my crafting area a huge makeover.  It has been in shambles long enough and thanks to Ikea I finally have a nice neat little spot for all my junk.  After I put together the new storage thingy I got [which I love!!] and might I mention was only $22, I realized I needed a basket or something to put my scrap book papers in.  Enter the diaper box makeover...

I didn't want to spend even more money on a basket and I remember seeing versions of this floating around online and I got this version from THIS blog.  I used fabrics I already had and kept it simple and I actually really love the way it turned out.  I think I will have to make some more for Cindy's play area.  And to think it all began with this....
I started by covering my box with some leftover batting using a glue gun.  I wanted it to not feel so much like a box and have a little oomph to it. 

Because I didn't have a ton of the light pink broadcloth I cut a long strip and covered most of the box leaving lots of extra fabric on top and bottom. 

I cut a square piece for the side, tucked the ends and glued.

Sealed the top and the bottom and the battle is half over.

Making the lining is a little more of a challenge and I was strapped for time considering nap time was half over so the directions aren't as good but I will post more specifics the next time.  The hardest part is measuring the box.

Measure the long length of the inside of the box, add how much you want on the ends [times 2], and the seam allowance.  Measure the width and you will end up with a long rectangle piece.

Then, measure the sides, add how much you want to fold over, and seam allowance.  Then measure the width.

When you lay them out they should look like this.  Now you will hem all the ends.

Once they are hemmed, then match up these two corners and sew down.

Line up the next two and sew down.  Finish by sewing the bottom and repeat on the other side.

Before you know it you will have a nice lined storage box.  This one happens to perfectly fit all my scrap book paper.

And it also perfectly fits into the shelf.  I love it!


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