Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I Love Our Ikea Easel [and Paint Cups]

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As I mentioned before I love Ikea and I can't wait to go back.  One of the things we bought was this easel that I have been wanting to get for awhile.  It is a steal compared to the the other $50 ones they sell on amazon and it gets the job done.  Not to mention, Cindy stinking loves it. 

One side is a white board and the other side is a chalk board.  It has a tray and holds a roll of paper too. The easel itself cost $17 and the roll of paper was about $3.  The best $20 I spent on a toy and I love that she will grow into it. 

I do wish it had a cup holder or something on the white board side to hold markers or crayons.  I might just have to add that on myself.  I don't let her play with markers so we usually paint on this side.  And I used a chip clip that I got for a dollar to keep a the paper in place.

I love it and I am glad the little one does too. We don't paint like this too often because the clean up isn't worth the 10 minutes she spends painting but I am sure as she gets older she will enjoy it for longer.  Just look at that sweet little smile.  Oh it melts my heart to see her happy. 

Oh and to go with this set I also bought THESE Melissa and Doug paint cups and brushes from amazon.  I love the paint cups even though I thought they were a little pricey.  They have a hole where you can put the brush in to get more paint.  No spills no mess.  It was worth every penny.   It also has little slots to hold the brush.  Not so thrilled with the brushes though, I wish I would have bought the set they had at Ikea instead for $2 [oh and the pack of 24 chalk is also only $2]. 


  1. Thank you SO much for taking the time to write this review! It will save me LOTS of money to o with Ikea instead of amazon! And, beautiful photos! :)

  2. where did you get the paper roll for the easel?

  3. IKEA sells the paper rolls.

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