Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Little Ballerina Bag

Tutorial for this bag is HERE.

This week, my heart was so full of warm fuzzies it could have exploded.  It was my Boo Bear's very first dance class.  Seeing her in her itty bitty leotard that was still too big for her petite body, the tiny leather ballet slippers, and of course her tutu,  eeeeeeks.  I must have squealed a million times that day [my poor hubby].  

From the time I knew I was having a baby girl I dreamed of seeing her in dance class prancing around.  I can't believe how fast the time has gone and I was there standing in class with her and we were dancing.  I was overjoyed with how much she loved it [and I did too].  It was a moment and a memory that I will never forget.  Which leads me for the inspiration of the new tote I made... The Little Ballerina Bag. 

There are tons of dance bags out there and lots of really cute ones, but I am a cheap-o and not ready to buy a really nice bag yet [after all she is only one], so I just made one.  I actually really love the way it turned out and not too shabby considering I used a bunch of scraps I had laying around [like the leftover canvas from the first time she finger painted].  

I am a pocket fanatic in bags.  The more pockets the merrier.  Helps keep everything organized so this was no different.  There is a pocket for her ballet shoes, tap shoes, and sippy cup.  Not to mention plenty of room for everything else. 

It's a little big for her, but I wanted to make sure it would hold everything she needed.  Now we are all ready and I can't wait to dance with this little ballerina next week.   And stay tuned for the tutorial for this bag also coming next week.  


  1. Cute! I wish boys could wear tutus too!

  2. Oh my goodness! That's so adorable! I love the addition of pockets as well. Much better than tossing everything inside the bag.

  3. Love the large, pink bow and the tulle. A great bag!!!

  4. I love the bag !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Simply so cute. Reminds me of my favourite ever sweet pink cotton candies ..

  5. Would you consider making one for my two year old who starts dance this week. I have looked everywhere and this one is PERFECT. Name your price. My email is or Oh, please consider it!


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