Thursday, October 11, 2012

Easy DIY Halloween Party Decorations

I wanted to first say, how are you liking my new blog design?!  I love it, especially those media buttons to the right.  All this thanks to Marcy at Perpetual Love.  I will do a formal post on her and her talents later along with the giveaway she is offering to you blog readers! 

Anywhoo, I didn't realize how busy fall is when you have a kid and mine isn't even two yet!  I guess it's my fault for signing her up for a handful of activities ... She is seriously the busiest toddler I know!  And  of course it keeps me busy too.  I am trying to adjust to our new busy-ness hence the lack of blogging, but I'll get the hang of it.  I have been able to craft a tid bit, but I'm going to make this a quick one because it is late. 

I have finally gotten into the festivities and started decorating for our Halloween Party.  I am very excited!  I am going for a very colorful, fun, and cutesy feel.  None of that scary stuff, I'm just not into that.  To start, I made some super fast and easy felt candy corn pillows like the 30 minute pillows cover I made a long time ago.  They slip right on to my throw pillows so I am only have to save the slip cover instead of a bulky pillow.  You can find a nice tutorial for these fold over pillows HERE.

And for some tips, I doubled the felt in the front so you can't see through it.  Cut the three color pieces and sew them together.  Then, assemble the pillow like in the tutorial.  I love how colorful they are and after all, it is my favorite Halloween candy. 

And I know I say it all the time, but a party is not a party without pom poms.  Yup I made pom pom ghosts and colorful pom pom monsters.  The ghosts were made from regular white napkins and the monsters from gift wrapping tissue.  The monsters were an inspiration from these darling Sesame Street pom monsters that I saw online!!

Aren't they so cute?  Definitely not too scary for the little ones.  My pom pom tutorial is HERE.  All you have to do is add eyes to them.  Easy enough. 

It's a short one, I know.  I will have more fun Halloweenie stuff coming along with the tutorial for the Little Ballerina Bag so stay tuned! 

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