Monday, October 15, 2012

Popped Knee and an Insta Update

Anyone out there keep a calendar planned to the minute.  Mine isn't that extreme, but I pretty much had the past two weeks planned and booked solid!  Well, plans don't always go exactly the way we want.  On Friday, cousin Krista arrived for a visit and we were suppose to do all sorts of traveling and crafting. We had itineraries, tickets, and lists of sights to see.... we were suppose to go to London. Big deep sigh.      In an instant those plans were broken and thank goodness cousin Krista was here and is such a trooper! 

Friday night in an attempt to move the couch my knee moved the wrong way and I was on the floor holding my knee cap to the right of my leg.  Let's just say the ER wasn't exactly where I thought I would be that night.  I ended up with a big huge unnecessary cast and it has been an up hill battle since.  I was pretty much helpless and poor cousin's vacation turned into work.  Taking care of me and Boo Bear.  

Not to worry though because my knee is doing oh so much better.  Crazy cast gone and I am in a knee brace walking around.  I still have to have an MRI done but I am hopeful that nothing is torn.  I hardly have any pain.  I am back on my feet, feeling like my old self, and yup we did what we do best... craft!!!  [Oh and have snacks too].  Hoping this is a sign that things are turning around!!   

All that to say,  I am back online and get ready for some fun fall and Halloweenie crafts.  


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