Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Woodland Themed Birthday Party

This past weekend, we went to a lovely birthday party.  My first ever real mommy blogger friend, Adria from The Cruchy Lion.  It was so darn cute and she did such a good job!  Her daughter loves Bambi so she went with a woodland theme.  The food was probably my favorite part,  especially this cute porcupine cheese ball.  Not to mention it was really really yummy!

I completely failed because I didn't get a full picture of the cake that had a cute bunting on the top, but how adorable are those mushroom cupcakes.

The big hit with the kids were the acorns.  Chocolate peanut butter acorns of course.  Hershey kisses and mini nutter butters.  I think all the kids had at least ten of them! 

And if this isn't cute enough, she also made all the kids felt crowns!  Here is the birthday girl wearing hers.

Aren't the crowns just darling?!  Mine refused to wear hers so she isn't in the picture.

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  1. Aww thank you for featuring my baby's birthday party!! You're so sweet, I'm glad you enjoyed the day. :)


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