Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Christmas Cards at Mpix

I confess, I am as bad as the department stores....  the Christmas season for me starts the day after Halloween ends!  I start planning crafts, decorations, gifts, lists, and of course Christmas cards!   Because we live overseas, I have to plan for cards way sooner than I normally would.

I have printed from Walmart, Target, Shutterfly, and Costco in the past.  I have to say that I have not been impressed at all with Walmart and Target's saturated prints.  I dislike Shutterfly's quality and of them all, Costco is my favorite.  I just hate having such beautiful pictures on the computer screen but horrible pictures printed. 

BUT this year, Pinterest has convinced me to try a new company.... The pin promotes WHCC but the site was too complicated to use.  I ended up spending my "Christmas card shopping" on Mpix.  They had so many beautiful choices of Christmas cards it was not an easy choice!  I had to make four samples and have my two best friends vote and help me decide.  Here are three of my faves.  

They also have cards with options to include pictures in the back.  I almost went with this option since our pictures didn't all "match".  You can have one main picture, turn the card over and add a few more.

Kudos to Mpix for letting you add text to the back of the card and not just the front of the card.  Just click the customize button and go crazy on the back.  I always hate the limited amount of words you can add to the front of the Christmas card.    This year, I got to add a verse on the front and a nice good sized greeting on the back.  No an extra charge too!  Love it!

I think the best thing about Mpix is their customer service.  I contacted them with a question and no joke received an answer in a few hours.  Great customer service, so another plus for them.  It sounds silly, but I am very picky even with the little details of the holiday like Christmas cards.  I can't wait to get the cards and some prints I ordered.  I hope to be singing their praises when I see the quality of the prints.  I will keep you all posted! 


  1. And their prints are incredibly gorgeous in person--I did my wedding ones through them ! :]

  2. Let us know! I'd love to see the results.

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