Thursday, November 1, 2012

First Halloween Party

Wow Halloween went by in a blink of an eye!  Hope everyone had fun and got lots of candy!!  My intention was to share tutorials of the things I made for but with our vacation running so close to the party I just didn't get the chance.  I did want to share the highlights of the party though.  Maybe you can pin some ideas for next year.  I already have a list of things I want to do next year that we didn't do this year.  You can check out all my inspirations on my Halloween Board on Pinterest.  

It was our first Halloween party and I was limited in time, so I kept it simple and most of the decorations were made from paper from my ever growing scrap book stash.  Not too shabby I would say.  The ghosts are from this pin on Pinterest.  They only took minutes to make and look so cute!  

I also am in love with these fun paper banners.  It seriously was so easy to make, hardly took any time and looked so cute!  I just punched circles out and sewed them together.

And on the food table were some fun treats!  The witches brooms were a hit.  And look, I used those 99  cent Tolsby frames from Ikea!

These were my favorite Halloween treats.  Deviled eggs with olive spiders from this pin and the bone biscuits with blood aka marinara sauce.  This pin led me to a great site with all sorts of great food ideas!

Some of my favorite decor was on the other side of the room.  I painted characters on those $5 Ikea side tables.  They wash off nicely too if you use washable paint.  And remember those candy corn pillow covers?  Definitely saving those for next year.

My favorite decor has to be the bats.  Just plain black paper.  You can find the print out here at one of my favorite blogs.

I have joined the paper straw and mason jar trend.  I taped some felt to my yellow tray to make it look like a candy corn.  The "mummy" utensil holder is really just a tin can wrapped with gauze and embellished with googly eyes.  Simple but charming.

One of the mom's made gift boxes for the kids.  Remember those hands filled with popcorn?!  Well she filled these with gold fish to make them more toddler friendly and added rings to the fingers.  So clever.

We had a full house and it was fun!  The kids played, the mom's talked about potty training.  We even made slime [more on that tomorrow].  

And out of all the really adorable costumes I would have to say my dear friend is the winner!  She is preggo, so for Halloween she is a road with a bump [hehehe] and her son, the cutest bum I have ever seen!  Love it!
Hope you all had as much fun as we did! 


  1. Looks like so much fun! And great decor!

  2. Found you via Adria's blog - this party is so adorable! I'll definitely be following to try and emulate all of your cute and crafty projects haha.

    Meg @

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