Santa, Reindeer, Tree Hand Print Ornaments Make it Cozee: Santa, Reindeer, Tree Hand Print Ornaments

Santa, Reindeer, Tree Hand Print Ornaments

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

As I mentioned before, I got really creative with the hand print ornaments this year.  My mom just got hers in the mail and couldn't stop raving about how cute it was.  She said she hung it up right next to the one I made her when I was in first grade.  The kiddos can play with the dough, but this craft is really for the mamas to have some fun.  Aren't they darling?!

A friend of mine on facebook posted a picture of the Santa one and I just had to have one.  So after I made some of the regular ones, I made a new batch of dough[recipe here] and cut around her hand print.  If you are making Rudolph you will need two holes on the palm to string the bow and one on the top middle finger.

Baked it to a crisp.

And then painted it.  I am going to show how I did the Santa since the other ones are kind of self explanatory.  This time, instead of a Sharpie, I used a toothpick and paint to write her name.  

For those of you who are art challenged, here is the step by step on how to paint the Santa.  No need for special tools or brushes.  I did use a brush for the white and areas where there are a lot of color but you can really get away with just using a ear swab and tooth pick.

1.  Paint Santa's eyes and nose using a toothpick like a pen and some paint.
2.  Outline part of his beard and draw in his mustache. 
3. Outline the bottom portion of his hat.
4. Outline the top portion of his hat in red and the end part.
5.  Paint the hat red.
6.  Use a ear swab to dab in his face with cream.  It's okay if you get it on the black outline. 

Once Santa's face dries, you can go over the black again.  Then add some Modge Podge just like in the regular hand print ornament.  

I added a bow and bell for Rudolph and only thought of making him because my sister wanted an ornament that matched her tree.  For the Christmas tree, just add Modge Podge to the painted tree portion, sprinkle glitter and Podge over it.  Add some ribbon and there you have it.  Ornaments for gifts. 

I still can't decide whether I like the plain hand print one or the fancy ones.  What do you think?