Friday, November 23, 2012

Tutorial: Baby Doll Bed

After making that doll bed in September I was debating about whether to do a tutorial.  Well, thanks to one reader's request you all are going to benefit because I buckled down this past week and got busy.  I made some tweaks, but it is essentially still the same doll bed.  The fabric isn't as cute though because our little craft store is so limited on prints.  As with all big tutorials be sure to read it through once before making. 

I will include the measurements I used but these can easily be changed according to your needs.  If you want it bigger, the walls to not be as high, the bias tape to be smaller, maybe longer handles, then make the adjustments.  This tutorial is the backbone.

You will need plastic canvas like this cut 43 by 4 inches.  I had to sew together a few pieces to get the length.  

You need an outer print [dots] and inner print [teal] that is 44 by 6 inches.   You will also need four strips of quilting batting this length.  The straps are 22 by 2.5 inches long of outer fabric, inner, and batting.

The shopping breakdown: 1/4 yard of outer print, 1 yard of lining, 1/2 yard for bias tape, batting, two sheets of canvas, lightweight interfacing [optional].

Take the outer fabric, batting, and inner fabric and pin them together.  Sew all the way down along the top.  Now set it aside.

Take the strap pieces, sandwich them together and sew.  Take some 1/2 inch bias tape [made from 1.5 inch strips] and cover the raw edges. 

Fold the body of the bed in half and place the straps down.  Be sure they are centered unlike mine in the picture.  You will only sew through the outer fabric.

 Sew starting where the arrow is going all the way down.  Flip over the body of the bed and repeat on the other side.  Be sure to line up the handles. 

Now for the pockets I used two teal pieces, some lightweight interfacing, and bias tape.  I sewed a rectangle and covered the raw edges.  Line it up along one of the sides where the handle is and sew it down only on the lining fabric.  I ended up creating three little slots. 

Now that everything is in place it is time to start putting the bed together.  Take the bed and fold it in half but this time right sides together.  Sew down the short end.  It should look like the second picture when you turn it right side out. 

I decided to use a thicker bias tape along the top.  Next time I probably wouldn't use one that is quite so thick.  It is 3/4 inch made from 2 inch strips.  Sew this bias tape all along the top rim of the bed.

Now get that long piece of canvas you sewed together and place it in between the batting.  You should have two pieces of batting on each side sandwiching the canvas.  Pin and sew it down and don't sew too close to the canvas or else the stitch will show when you bind it at the end.   

Once the canvas is sewn in, the bed will be able to stand.  Cut two oval pieces of lining for the bottom, making it much larger than you will need.  Pin the bed onto the bottom.

Sew the pieces together but be sure to leave an opening so you can stuff the bottom. 

Stuff the bottom with filling as much as you wish, pin the hole shut and sew it closed.  Make any adjustments to the shape of your bed now before you finish it off.

Trim the excess fabric and use the thick bias tape to cover the raw edge.  This was probably the hardest part of making the entire bed.  It won't be perfect but power through it!  Hang in there you are almost done!

Now we have to secure the handles.  Instead of sewing all the way across, I just sewed the bias tape on each side down where the arrows are pointing. 

Before you know it, you have a cute little Moses style doll bed with pockets for a bottle and handles so it can be carried.  After I finished, the print grew on me.   I don't  love it, but I don't hate it either. 

It has a cute retro feel.  Now all the baby needs is a pillow and a quilt. 

My little miss loved it even more than the first one I gave her.  I don't know if it is because she is older or because the print is probably more her style.  She carried it everywhere and even asked to bring it to the store.  I love that she loves it!  

If you happen to try this tutorial I would love to hear your feedback, suggestion, and see your finished product.  If you have questions feel free to shoot me an email.  Hope the little mama in your life enjoys it as much as mine has today!  


  1. This doll bed is awesome, Patti!!! The little pockets are a cute addition. You've just made my 'To Do' list even longer... LOL!!! Hope you don't mind, but I've pinned this. I would love for you to add your tutorial to our Ongoing linky that's just for Softies, Dolls and Toys, but don't feel you have to...

  2. Oh my gosh - that is so adorable! Great tutorial too!

  3. Hi Patty, I've featured your Baby Doll Bed tutorial today...

  4. You are featured this week on Busy Monday at A Pinch of Joy! I hope you will stop by and grab a Featured Button from the Button Box on the sidebar this afternoon. Pinned. Can’t wait to see what else you’ve been working on!

  5. This is the cutet! I tried to make it! Yours looks much better then what my turned out to be! If you want to check it out....

  6. Thank you for sharing this tutorial. I found you through Threading My Way and I'm thrilled I did! My 3 year old is receiving a doll for Christmas and I'm going to start on one of these. Many Thanks!
    Jessica @ A Humble Creation

  7. Wow, I was just looking for an idea like this! Thanks so much!

  8. Ive been obsessing over Moses Baskets for two days. I'm going to make this one with a few adjustments for a full size Moses Basket. Wish me luck. ;)


    Thanks so much!! ;)

  10. I sooo adore this! What are the finished dimensions? Or at least how long is the doll? :))

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  12. I just made four! One for my daughter one for my son in dino fabric and two more for friends! Great tutorial only comment I have is if you're not making your own bias tape you will need two packs. Had to make a store run but worth it

  13. I loved your tutorial and am very excited to show my grand daughter when she comes this week. Will definitely make more of them. I want to send a picture but not sure how to do that.....sorry.

  14. WOW! That looks amazing! Great tutorial! Thanks for the tips, it all looks fantastic.Thomas the Tank Engine Beds

  15. This is awesome, great tutorial, thank u so much.CHEAP BED LONDON

  16. Great tutorial. A few things, the length of bias tape needed isn't correct. I had to go back to the store for more. Also having 4 pieces of batting in the sides was too thick for my machine so I used two pieces then made a sleeve for my plastic canvas piece with the other two pieces of batting. Trimming the width of the batting to close to the width of the canvas. Worked perfectly. Thanks so much!

  17. One more thing...I secured the handles before starting on the bottom. Much less awkward

  18. So adorable! I saw a little gal in church who was carrying her doll baby in something so similar! Love yours!

  19. How funny it was tonight, I drew up a pattern to make a doll bed carrier with a hood to be made as a woven fabric basket bassinette carrier for an antique doll that I'm going to put up for auction at my church before Christmas. I measured the doll, and knowing I have little time to do all the work necessary, I got online to do a cursory search for a possible pattern similar to my design and voila! I found this delightful pattern to my surprise which will save me time in construction planning. Thank you!

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. This is awesome, I am really impressed by the way you detailed out everything. It is really going to help me a lot. Thanks for sharing your thoughts so clearly.
    Baby Dolls

  22. this is great! Thank you for sharing. I'm working on mine now. So far so cute in pink of course

  23. Thank you for the tutorial. I like your idea of the canvas to strengthen the sides. I think I would like to make up some fabric baskets for my sewing room using your method.

  24. Hello I'm french.
    Thank you for this great tutorial; the plastic canvas is a very good idea, so the baby doll bed can be wash in cold water.
    Some people here use sub-rubberized fabric tablecloth to protect the table call "Bulgomme".

  25. 04/25/15-1 hr. prep-4 hours to sew. ( bib and blanket too) Difficult bottom piece;9 layers. Added 2" to sides and straps. Used pattern on bottom-I yd. of pattern and solid, 1/2 yd. of facing, 2 pkg. of 3/4 inch bias tape, 1 45 x 35 batting and 1 needle canvas 24"x 20 sewn with string. More pockets next time. MY basket get's a"C " because tape puckered a lot and multiple stitch rows putting bias on. I had compliments and 2 year old granddaughter loved it. So.."A" for effort.

  26. I love this pattern. I added an extra pocket and made the straps a little narrower. If I make it again, I would make the straps 1-2 inches longer. I also ended up having to hand sew the bottom bias tape due to several machine needles breaking due to the thickness.


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  28. I researched doll bed/carrier, and found several, but I chose your pattern because of the extra touches you give, specifically, the plastic web for side stability, and the inside pockets! I have a precious 18 month old granddaughter who loves, loves, her baby dolls, of which she has one. I have purchased # 2 for her birthday, in April, which gives me lots of time to get the little bed made! I am so thrilled with your tutorial, and thank you so very much! Our family is always one sided for the boys, so little girl things are new to me, and very exciting!
    Thank you again.

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  35. I wish there was a print option? Love this thank you.

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