Saturday, November 10, 2012

Weather [rainbow] Themed Baby Shower

The end of a party is always bittersweet for me.  I love seeing everything come to life but it makes me sad that it is over.   We had a wonderful time and I am glad mommy to be felt so blessed.  I can't wait to meet baby Nadia!

This post will only be all about the party decorations.  Starting with one of my faves, the yarn wrapped letter.  My friend from The Crunchy Lion made the felt flowers [she is crazy talented in all things felt].  Add a few cleaned out spaghetti jars with flowers and you have a darling little centerpiece.  

For the main table, I made cloud pom poms with raindrops just like the ones I found on Pinterest.  I love them! 

And that very talented friend of mine made the so cute I could die heart felt banner!  Love it!  

If you can't tell, we tried to make all the decorations nursery friendly.  What a great way to help mommy get the nursery decorated.

And my partner in crime for this party made the most adorable rainbow fruit kabob floral arrangement! Just too cute and the marshmallows are the perfect touch!  My favorite party food?  Cupcakes with toppers.

And now onto the drink table.  Again, all decor nursery friendly and just too cute.

I love the clouds on the straw idea.  It was also a great name tag for drinks.

We also had a little guest book table.  I'll share more about it in the next post.
And last but not least here is a quick and easy way to cover a plain and boring empty wall.  Use long strips of a circle banner and plain ol regular streamer.  It really added a lot of color to our plain walls.

It was such a fun theme and a great party to host!  Stay tuned as I will be posting tutorials and other fun party stuff in the days to follow.


  1. It looks fantastic. I love that you can reuse the decorations in the nursery!

  2. Patty I love that yarn letter :) With those colorful felt flowers it more awesome. I would try out one to put up on a door!

  3. I like your cloud Pom poms with the blue rain drops! Cute!

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