Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas, The New Year, and Rothenberg

Happy New Years Eve everyone!!  Boy it has been a long while since I have seen this computer screen.  With the hub off for all this time we all have fully been enjoying our time together.  I have all these pictures, crafts, and even a recipe to share but just can't get my fingers a typing... until now that is. 

I am going to back track a bit.  We had a wonderful Christmas together and got we got to visit a beautiful medieval city we visited called Rothenberg.   

I have seen pictures of it in the spring where it is absolutely gorgeous but we went to visit their Christmas market and it was just darling! 

 It was freezing cold but we stayed warm visiting the little shops and bakeries.  It's kind of our little tradition to sit in a cafe and have a little cappuccino and a pastry when we travel.  I love it.

After months of being away from each other it has been a true blessing to be a family again.  Having my hubby home for Christmas was the best gift I could have received.  

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well!  And after making some jelly filled doughnuts, I am now ready to jump into the New Year with some new crafts, projects, and going full force into party planning mode.


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