Monday, December 17, 2012

Framed Christmas Banner

Last week was just BONKERS!  We got lots of snow, Boo Bear had dance rehearsals, and I was cleaning like a mad woman prepping the house for my hubby's return from his deployment.  It was crazy!  Now that my better half is home and the winter ballet recital is over, things are starting to calm down.  We are getting back into a new routine and fully enjoying being together as a family again [just in time for Christmas!] 

I had all these projects and things I wanted to finish before my hub came home but I guess I put too much on my plate and didn't get to finish.  This photo collage was one of them.  I saw this beautiful picture of someone who took a window pane and turned it into a frame for her Christmas banner.  I fell in love.  Mine isn't nearly as good but I am still really happy with how it came out. 

It was no easy task.  I collected all our random frames and Boo Bear and I painted them all cream.  I wanted all the frames to match and of course match the living room.  There she is painting away at that one dollar Ikea frame.

Once they were all painted I filled the bottom ones with cozy Christmas themed scrap book paper.  It kind of reminds me of knit sweaters.  I love it. 

Then I used the same paper to create gift tags.  I don't use my Slice often but it is always handy when I need it to cut some letters.  I was going to jazz up the gift tags but maybe next year!   The one thing I love about this is I can hang up a banner for every holiday and if it isn't one I can hang up pictures. 

I punched out the glass of the frame and used this picture hanging screw with the open hole on the top.  I obviously don't know what it is called.  The trick to putting it in without using a drill is by hammering it down first.  Then, you can just twist it in the frame.  I braided some twine, attached it, and hung the gift tags with mini clothes pins. 

And to personalize the collage I added the pictures from this year's Christmas cards!  

It really does make the room feel more Christmas-y and cozy.  Now, I have to go start on those ruffled throw pillows! 


  1. This is just so beautiful! You are so creative.

  2. I love this idea, sure will make this one today> Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a great idea! & picture arrangement! Visiting from

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