Monday, December 3, 2012

How to Download Fonts and Create Coloring Pages

This tutorial is for those of you who have ever had trouble downloading fonts.  Downloading fonts and creating your own printables and coloring pages is simple enough.  Here is the step by step.

First, find the font you want to download.  This one is called MTF Dear Santa.  Click download and then open the file. 

Then a folder will open.  The biggest mistake is to think you can copy and paste the font from here but you actually need to extract the file first.  Click and extract the file. 

It will open an almost identical folder.  You can tell the difference because the new folder will not say extract files.  The one with the star is the right folder and the old one you will want to close. 

Now open the Font folder from your Control Panel.  Copy and paste the MTF Dear Santa file [with the yellow arrow] onto the Font Folder.  You can see that is says installing MTF Dear Santa.

Now open Word and you can start making your own printables or if you have kiddos your own coloring pages!

I like that you can customize your coloring pages.  This train is one of my favorite ones.  The font is called JI Toy Train.  To get the front and back of the train hold Shift 9 for the front and Shift 0 for the back. 


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  2. Thank you!!!!!! This is really helpful!

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