Monday, January 14, 2013

Chunky Scarf in Shadow Ombre

There has been lots of crafting and creating going on and it makes me happy!  I love it.  I promise more Very Hungry Caterpillar posts to come this week and the following.  BUT, for now I wanted to share this simple scarf I made for a friend of mine.  My beautiful friend Adria from The Crunchy Lion was nice enough to model it for me.  Aren't they purty?! 

This is my first time using chunky yarn but I love it!  The project comes together so fast it is awesome!  I can't wait to try making a hat with chunky yarn or even a blanket.  Maybe when I get a little better.  I bought this gorgeous yarn from [my one stop shop] and it is the Bernat Softee Chunky Yarn in Shadow Ombre.  It took two skeins for this scarf. 

Sorry for the lack of in the process pictures but this one is simple enough to do and is yet another great beginner project just like the puff stitch scarf only even easier.  
Chain 15.
In the third hole start with a double half crochet in every hole until the end.
Chain two, turn, then double crochet in every hole.
Alternate between double half crochets and double crochets until it measures about 56 inches.  
Sew the two ends together.  

Pretty basic and easy to make and it's super warm!  I realized a scarf is pretty much a blanket for your neck.  Plus, the ombre yarn is so pretty. 


  1. Well that first photo on GFC confused me, I was like what? Adria? Patty? haha

    Gosh, she is a beautiful mama! And that's it, I'm learning how to crochet - Mid-January Resolution!

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