Friday, January 11, 2013

Puff Stitch Infinity Scarf in Aqua

I have been bit by the crocheting bug because all I want to do is crochet a bunch of different projects.  I even signed up for a class later this month!  It's fun but completely distracting me from birthday prepping which I have been slacking on.  But with fun results like this scarf how can I not get distracted!?

Who knew there were so many different stitches out there.  I absolutely love this one even though it is a yarn guzzler.  It's called the puff stitch and is really simple to do and very forgiving if you mess up a little.  I love this stitch.  I love the texture and that it it easy to count and keep tack of hehe.  I watched THIS video to learn how to do it.  

I wish I could say I came up with the idea for this pretty scarf but I didn't.  I got it from All About Ami.   She does a great job showing the step by step so I won't even bother attempting to repeat it.  And if you are wondering, I used 100 percent acrylic Bernat yarn and this gorgeous color is Aqua.  Perfect for a dark outfit that needs a pop of color.  Doesn't it look so pretty on my lovely friend Petronie.? She is the one who gave me the Doughnuts from Biscuits recipe.   

The scarf measures 56 inches and the two ends are sewn together.  So cute and another great beginner project.

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