Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mommy iPad Hanger

Ever been on Zulily??  Well it's a company that gives great deals on name brand clothes and toys.  They have events where they feature certain companies items, Zulily places a bulk order based on what the customers order, and then they ship it out.  I'm hooked on the awesome prices.  You can sitgn up and start looking for deals through my link HERE.

I was browsing on the site yesterday after being lured to a sale on Tiny Toms for $18 dollars and found this genius product!!!  I wish I was the one that thought of it, but once I saw it I knew I had to have one.  So genius!   I was so inspired I made one the exact same night. 

Of course mine isn't even as close to as nice as theirs, but I sewed it on a whim.  Late night sewing projects don't always yield awesome results.

I love that the plastic cover keeps sticky fingers from the screen so I don't have to constantly keep cleaning it.  I didn't have clear vinyl so I improvised, I dug deep in her toy box for the rings and before you know it I had a case finished.

The main purpose I made it is to hang in the car and it does.... perfectly.  I love it!!!

And this morning, we took it to the grocery store with us and it clipped right onto the shopping cart.  No more dropping the iPad!  Woot woot.

We took it to the store too.  The best part is you can still use it even with the vinyl on it.  She doesn't know that yet so it is awesome for now.

The biggest plus to making your own is customizing the size.  My iPad has a nice thick yellow protective case and I wanted to make one that was big enough to fit.  Interested in a tutorial??  It's coming soon.  But if you don't sew or don't want to bother making one, you can find it on Zulu  HERE for a very reasonable price and they also have a case for your iphone.  Hurry before they are all gone!  I am seriously in love with mine.


  1. WOW! That is pretty genius! I think I might have to make one as well :)

  2. That is great! What did you use for the plastic cover?

    1. I had a plastic case that holds her foam mat and I just used that. It is still technically vinyl but a cheap one.

  3. This is awesome! Would love a tutorial!!

    1. One of these days I'm going to get it done :p

  4. Hi.
    Love this idea for the car!
    Do you have a tutorial?

  5. Go have you made a tutorial yet. I'm new to sewing but need to make one of these asap could you tell me the name of that plastic in the front plz


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