Friday, February 8, 2013

Pass the Parcel Toddler Party Game

Now that the party is over I can share some if the details, one of which is the game we played.  I know what you are thinking.... A are for two year olds?!  Yup I am out if my mind, but this one actually worked, sort of.  It is an Australian party game that is really fun called pass the parcel.  The kids ended up being more interested in the lollipop part if the prize than the actual prize but that was expected. 

Some awesome person actually has a video on how to wrap a the pass the parcel prize here.  It's pretty much a spin on hot potato.  So you start with prizes.  Since the party was small I was able to collect enough prizes for everyone.  Mostly paints and little toys like these.

You start by wrapping the first gift in a special color tissue paper and in my case it's purple.  This way I know when I see the purple paper it is the last prize.  Then I wrap the next prize along with the last one.  I also included a lollipop and some confetti (love the sparkles!).  You keep repeating this process until you have all the prizes wrapped.

You will end up with one big gift like the first picture above.  At the party we had the kids sit in a circle with us while my hub played some music.  When it stopped the kid holding the parcel got to open it.  Then we kept passing the next prize inside until there were no prizes left.  Considering they are only two they did pretty well.  It took a lot of mommy help therefore no pictures, but it was a lot of fun!


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