Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tutorial: Art Smock

Remember the art smock I made to go in Cindy's Valentine heart?  Well here is the tutorial for it in case your budding artist needs one too.  It would be better to make this with laminated fabric but I am a cheap-o and I need to start using fabrics from my stash so I stuck with this.  It came out really cute and fit her perfectly.

I completely failed at getting a picture of how I cut the pattern piece out so I drew you a diagram to make up for it.  I used an old tank top of hers and traced it on some freezer paper to create the pattern piece [you can use regular paper too].  I wanted to make the straps pretty thick so they cover the entire shoulder area.  Once you have your pattern piece, fold your fabric into fourths and pin your pattern down onto the fabric.  The diagram shows where the fold should be.  Hope that makes sense...

Anywhoo, when you cut it, it will look like the picture on the left.  To create the back opening you will cut all the way down the backside like the picture on the right. 

Attach bias tape to the neck and down the back.

If you are creating a pocket, cut a rectangle piece and add bias to the top.  Lay it on the front of the smock and sew down the sides.  I also sewed down the middle to create more pockets.  

Now attach bias to the arm holes and on the bottom raw edge of the smock.

Make sure the smock is inside out and sew down the sides.  

Sew straps to the back side and before you know it you will be done!

It's a really fast project that is pretty simple.  It's perfect for painting and in our case, holding ducks.  

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