Wednesday, March 27, 2013


 As of recently Patty and I have been exploring some collaborative posts, and I ran across a blog and thought that answering these would be interesting. I knew how I would answer these questions and wondered how Patty would answer them. Here they are... Hope you enjoy it! Feel free to answer some of these questions yourself in the comments section below.

Patty: Paper pom poms, T-shirt, and centerpieces.  Barbie party this weekend!  
Dannielle:  A burlap covered cork board.

Patty:  Bow Tie pasta, it's my little loves favorite
Dannielle: A fried egg (sunny-side up)

Patty: Just about to start my next quilt. 
Dannielle:Taggie Blanket for one of my best friend's daughter (tutorial coming...)

Patty: To get orders for our next move.  We are heading to.....
Dannielle: To hear back from jobs I applied to.

Patty:  Here's part of my list of things from Ikea.  Can't wait to make the trip next week.  I'm addicted to that place. 
Dannielle: Some pantry storage containers... Why are they soo expensive! 

Patty:  Purpose Driven Life
Dannielle: Sweethearts for a Lifetime (hubby and I have been reading this together).

Patty: Busy busy busy
Dannielle: Overwhelmed

Patty:  To go on a family vacation to Spain.  I need some sun in my life. 
Dannielle: A teaching job! (Not sure if you know this but Patty and I went to college together and we were both an Education Major).

Patty:  Playing with Play Doh with my love.  It's very therapeutic until all the little animals I make have to be put back and a wild raging fit occurs as a result. 

Dannielle: Adapting a new healthy lifestyle!

Patty:  How to keep Jesus my number one priority.  
Dannielle: To be diligent.

So this is currently what we are feeling, thinking, and doing. What are you feeling, thinking, or doing?


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