Thursday, March 21, 2013

Flea Market Fancy Strip Quilt

I am ashamed to even say how long this quilt took to get finished.  The actual making it part only took a few hours, but you know how things get started and put on the "finish later" pile.  When I first started it I wasn't sure if I was going to keep it or give it, but halfway through I knew it was a quilt for my mom.  She is going to get it for Mother's Day.  It will be the perfect little throw blanket for her and it did come out a lot prettier than I expected.

Before I started making this, I read tips from THIS fantastic mini tutorial on strip quilts.  It was really helpful.  Then, one night I just went for it!  Did the cutting, sewing, and ironing.  I folded it up way back in September and it didn't resurface until a few weeks ago.  Just a side note, this is a great quilt for beginners like myself and maybe you.  This is my second one, but I'm hooked on quilting.

I used the crib size quilt batting so it isn't too big and not too small.  I didn't do anything fancy to the top either, just straight lines a fourth of an inch from where two pieces meet.  If you need tips on how to baste and sew the binding on check out THIS blog.  She bastes using safety pins [which is totally new to me!]  Definitely going to try that on my next quilt.  I do have to say, I prefer to bind the quilt properly.  I think it looks much neater.  If you are going to spend that much time making it, you might as well finish strong.  And if you are wondering, the fabric collection for this quilt is called Flea Market Fancy and I ordered it on and it's still in stock.

 It seems as though after I finish a quilt I am ready to start the next one!  If you follow me on facebook  you know that I already ordered the fabric and I will be sharing the design soon.


  1. Beautiful! You are one talented lady. :)

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