Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lace Cowl

Thank you so much Patty for that warm welcome! I am so excited to be part of Make it Cozee!

Today I will be sharing this cowl that I saw on Pinterest that inspired me...

As this cowl was very pretty and beautifully made by Sweet Verbena, this specific tutorial had the cowl attached to the tee. I wasn’t sure I wanted to commit a specific cowl to a tee. I like flexibility and I mix match quite a bit, so I took the concept of a lace cowl and ran with it and made it my own. So here we go...

Step 1: Look for lace.
I have quite a bit of white lace on hand but wanted one with a little pop… So I dove into my big box of fabric scraps (basically a collection of clothes that have stains that wouldn’t come off or a rip that wasn’t worth repairing). Then I found this…
This skirt had a rip that wouldn't be able to be repaired for me to wear as a skirt anymore.

Step 2: Seam Ripper (not Grim Reaper)
This skirt had a lining and a zipper, so I had to remove it...

Step 3: Stitch it up!
Once the lining and the zipper was removed I sewed together the slits where the zipper was and the other slit the skirt had. I also sewed together the waist. It had a black ribbon, I left it so that it could hold the lace together and also work as a weight since that will be the (hidden) neckline of the cowl.

Step 4: Tada!
All done! Now I just have to wear it around my neck! I needed to arrange it to where that black ribbon is indeed hidden. The skirt had scallops at the bottom and so I like to arrange the cowl to show off that elegant detail.

I hope you all enjoyed this little tutorial as much as I did. It took no more than 30 minutes (because I had to remove the lining and the zipper). But it you use regular lace (that isn't re-purposed), it should be a lot quicker to make! I love how it turned out... Copper... and airy (perfect for the summer)!


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