Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Meet My Dear Friend Danielle

I am super pooper excited to tell you my friend Danielle is going to be guest writing here at Make it Cozee.  HOORAY!  We were both Education majors at Biola, reconnected via Instagram, and are now teaming up to share our love for crafting with you.  So let me stop jabbering so you can meet her.  

Hello, I’m Dannielle Rivera and I am a craftaholic! For as far as I can remember I have always been artsy and crafty. Along with being crafty I also love to cook and bake. So getting married was a dream come true because I was able to put these hobbies into practice in homemaking! Thankfully my husband of 2 ½ years (and counting) is very patient with all my messes!

I was once a teacher and continue to aspire to become one (someday). As life happens, my career is taking a slight detour as I have been along side my husband in his pursuits in his career. We have moved 4 times in 2 ½ years (and no, my husband is not in the military). Currently I am unemployed but have taken on a little endeavor of starting a small business called Quite Dainty. This business satisfies my hobby of baking as Quite Dainty services special events with cake pops, mini bundt cakes and various treats assembled as party favors or a full fledged dessert bar. Now to satisfy my crafting, cooking , and homemaking cravings, Patty has been so gracious to allow me to contribute from time to time. 

Thank you readers for having me and I am so excited to share my hobbies and projects with you!

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