Friday, March 22, 2013

Our 20 Favorite Products

Dannielle had this idea for us to do some collaborative posts and I thought it was such a fun and great idea.  So, for our first one we will share our 20 favorite products.... and any products.  Items we love, always have on hand, and can't live without.  It was hard to narrow it down but we did!  
I'm in red and Dannielle is in yellow.
Let's start with cleaning products....
1. This is by far my favorite cleaning product. I use it for everything; windows, counters, floors, mirrors, pots & pans (the grime that's impossible to take out) walls, you name it! I am really sensitive (my lungs and skin) to cleaning products, however Shaklee's concentrated cleaner is my best friend. It is nontoxic (safe for babies and adults too). What I do is I put a cap or two of the concentrate in a spray bottle and dilute it with water and PRESTO! Another great thing about this product is that it really goes a long ways!

2. Have you ever tried Crock Pot Liners?!  I won't use my crock pot without it.  Makes clean up a breeze and there's usually always a coupon for this. 

3.  You won't find me cleaning without the magic eraser in my pocket or bucket.  It's amazing.  I use it on EVERYTHING.  Not to mention it's great for sticky oil on the stove top.

And our favorite beauty products....
4. I really do not wear much make-up daily for several reasons 1. my eczema and 2. because I really do not make time for it. So on a daily basis I at least try to slap on some mascara and BLUSH! I love this blush balm because I just slap it on. No need for a brush, just a finger! 

5. My second most absolute item I cannot live without. Along with the eczema, I am allergic to a chemical that is most often found in lipsticks, lip gloss, and lip balms. However, this is the one lip product that my lips love. 

6. There are absolutely 2 things I cannot live without. Meaning, if I was marooned on an island this is one of the two things I absolutely CANNOT live without. I have eczema and I have tried every single product out there and this has been my best friend. This buddy of mine is so mild and just absolutely wonderful! I usually get mine from Costco because it is in a bigger tub and it lasts me like 2 years.

7.  I'm not much of a makeup person either but one product I love is this BB cream.  It's a combo between a moisturizer and light foundation.  It is amazing at evening my blotchy skin and it is so light.  I love it! 

Heading on over to the pantry....
8. This here is a new favorite for me. I truthfully am not a big fan of milk, and at times I can be lactose intolerant (sorry TMI). But for some reason Almond milk is just oh so yummy! I love it with cereal, cookies, oatmeal, lattes, and whatever else.

9.  You won't find my pantry void of these two products.  I don't have a coffee maker since I'm the only one who drinks coffee and it's not everyday so these Folder's Coffee Singles are perfect.

10. And I don't make much boxed food [my hub refuses to eat boxed Mac and Cheese.... it's sad] but this Simply Pasta is so yummy and even more so after you add some veggies to it.  Both hubby and toddler approved.

As you know I am an organizing freak....
11.  I can't live without these shelf helpers.  Perfect for my small kitchen.  I have them in every cabinet no joke and use to organize all sorts of things. 

12.  Plastic bins.  Who doesn't love these?  They aren't pretty but I love them.  Stores clothes, fabric scraps, holiday stuff, etc.  I use them in my bathroom, bedroom, and pantry to organize.  This is my favorite bin, it holds our snacks. 

Dannielle is a bag and jar lover..... 
13. Don't you hate it when your fruits or veggies go bad so fast? These produce bags do wonders! I usually either buy my produce at Costco or produce boxes from local farms, so if you can imagine I get an abundance at a time so I try hard to make them last. These bags really work and are affordable since you can find them at the 99 Cent Store.

14. Now tell me, who doesn't love Ziplock Bags? I do! Especially freezer bags! These bad boys not only help me store my meats and veggies in the freezer with minimal frost, they also work as piping bags, excellent compact storage for camping, etc.

15. Oh my JARS! Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a jar hoarder. I love jars because they are so useful for organization. I use it to organize buttons, cupcake liners, toothpicks, spices, vases, office supplies, etc. I usually use mason jars (my favorite) or use the glass jars that sauces and such are in.

Every crafter has his or her tools.....
16.  You know I love to sew but every once in awhile I dabble in the paper crafts too.  Banners, cupcake toppers, and mainly just party stuff.  Can't live without my Slice, and I love that it was only $20.  My favorite paper cutting brand, EK.  Hands down they are the best punchers and circle cutter. 

17.  I got a laminating machine for Christmas.  I know it's random, who asks for that for Christmas.  BUT it has already paid for itself [$30 on Amazon]!  I love it.  I use it to make white erase boards and lists to keep me organized, I made Cindy a white erase board book [coming soon], reusable calendar,  laminate Cindy's art work.  Possibilities are endless. 

18. I cannot even imagine baking without this! I use this mini scooper for cookies, whoopie pies, cake pops, scooping batter into mini bundts pans and cupcake liners. I love it because when you use this tool your cookies turn out pretty uniform. My favorite brand is Nordic Ware (can be found at Target) 1. because it is metal (sturdy) 2. the metal band that scoops the batter out is very pristine. I initially bought the plastic Wilton brand, but it isn't my favorite.

19.  Freezer Paper.  I use it ALL THE TIME.  I use it for patterns, as an alternative for a rotary cutter, to cut felt, as a stencil for screen printing, as painting paper... pretty much everything it isn't made for.  Let's just say it's amazing.  

Big congrats if you read through this extra long post and made it this far!  We leave you with this final product....
20.  What girl does not want to smell good? I tend to lean towards more floral scents. However, I am very selective in picking scents because I do not like them too strong. I usually like them light and fresh, but yet still floral. This perfume is the happy medium for my criteria.


  1. I love this post! Maybe I will get back on the bandwagon and do one of my own... but what do you mean you don't like milk?!?!

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