Tuesday, April 2, 2013

DIY Under $20 Barbie Cake

It has been insanely busy over here, more than usual.  I must be in the middle of a handful of different projects and I can't wait to share them all with you.  But first, I want to share my endeavors in the baking world.  I don't know why I think cake decorating is easy.  It's a disorder.  I see a cake and think, oh I can do that... and then I try it and it never turns out the way I ever want.  I'm not going to lie, this one gave me a run for my money, but if I ever have to make it again at least I know what I am doing.  Not too bad though considering this is my first time ever piping a design.  

The actual baking part was easy.  Two boxes of cake mix and three tubs of frosting.  Two round cakes and to create the round portion of her skirt I used two oven safe bowls.  Stack and trim the edges so it looks like a skirt.  Then start assembling, icing then cake and so on. 

Once all the cakes are stacked, cover it with frosting.  One bag of marshmallows and powder sugar to make the fondant, recipe HERE.  Be sure to die the marshmallow before adding the powdered sugar.  Now this is where it went downhill hence the lack of pictures following.  I rolled out a big piece of fondant and placed it over the frosted cake.  Well, fondant is not forgiving AT ALL!  The skirt looked so messy and I kept trying to fix it but it just wouldn't work.  I ignored it and cut an X on the top, wrapped Barbie in Cling Wrap and stuck her in. 

 After giving up on the messy fondant skirt, I finally asked Danielle for advice and she suggested piping roses on the skirt.  She's a genius and totally saved the cake.  HERE is the tutorial I watched on how to make the rose design.

I wasted all that time trying to get the fondant perfect when it took me 15 minutes to cover the entire skirt in roses!  I would have taken pictures but I did it right before the party so there was no time.  Oh well at least I know better next time.  Even though it was a pain to make this it was worth the trouble considering it cost me less than $20 and that includes the Barbie doll the birthday girl got to keep.  It looked just darling on the main table and the kids enjoyed it.

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