Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy Friday

It's been a  year since I have have written a Happy List. [Wow it's been too long].  I thought it would be fun to write one with Dannielle so who know's it might become a more regular thing. 

I'm oozing with happiness because I got my first Jo Tote.  Big sissy knew I couldn't wait until my birthday so she ordered it early for me.  It's the perfect travel bag... love the compartments, millions of pockets, cushion for my camera, color, everything about it. 

Going to gymnastics twice a week with this little munchkin always makes me so happy.  She loves it and I love watching her love it.  It's so neat to see her grow and develop week to week in class.

Seeing this father daughter relationship develop makes me so happy.  What a blessing for my little love bug to have such and amazing daddy.  She a daddy's girl through and through and seeing his eyes sparkle when he looks at her makes my heart warm.  

I am glad that we are doing this Happy List because it helps you be more conscious of the blessings in life. I am so happy that Patty introduced this to me, I am super excited! (Please excuse my poor quality photos and my lack of photos).

This past Sunday I was really touched by my Pastor's sermon on Getting to the Place of Forgiveness (Romans 12:17-21). click on the link to listen to it.  It is going to be a series that he will be diving into and I am super excited. One of the things that stuck out to me in this sermon was that Christ not only died for our sins but He also bore our sorrows and our grief

Having fellowship with my sisters in Christ this week was such a blessing. They help keep me grounded and we help each other get through the week day by day. I love them so much and am really happy to have them in my life. (I would've posted a picture of us if 1. we had one together and 2. if they would let me!)

Last but not least, I had the joy to make cake pops for a girl that I sometimes babysit. She was turning 5 and her request was vanilla cake pops with sprinkles and indeed that is what she got! I love love love this family and it was such a delight to make cake pops for them. Check out their site here.

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