Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sensory (Taggie) Blanket

I was ecstatic when one of my best friends asked me to make her daughter Isabella a sensory (taggie) blanket. When I was attempting this little project I thought, "easy peasy.. this will take me 30 mins". Let's just say that it took me like 2 hours... the reason is because I wanted to be an overachiever and use Minky material and pompoms without a walking foot on my machine. It was quite the challenge to say the least. But it still turned out!

25 x 25 in. of Flannel
25 x 25 in. of Minky 
 (I made mine 25 x 25 but you can make yours 18 x 18 or 10 x 10). I made it this big so that it can be used as  car seat blanket as well.
Scraps of ribbon and pompoms cut at different lengths (2.5, 3, 3.5 inches)

1. First cut your fabric and ribbons to desired size.
2. Pin ribbons on the right side of the flannel. Then do a quick stitch around the flannel with the ribbons. Then remove all the pins (be sure to double check you got all the pins out).
3. Once all ribbons are sewn on, assemble flannel and minky with the right sides facing each other. You will be sewing on top of the wrong sides leaving a slip to flip it inside out. Once you flip it inside out to where the right sides are facing out do a quick stitch around the blanket to seal the slip and to finish the blanket. (sorry I do not have a picture for this step, I was battling with the minky.. IF USING MINKY MATERIAL BE SURE TO USE A WALKING FOOT or else you will struggle!)

4. Tada! Sensory blanket made! Hope Baby Isabella will love it!
I apologize for the bad lighting in these pictures. I made this from 1-3 in the morning.. That minky really got the best of me! Note to self: Purchase a walking foot! 

Here is another one I made for my nephew.. All flannel and smaller.

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  1. That fabric is SO cute! I want one!! Haha. Thanks for sharing!!


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