Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I recently realized that ever since I became a mom my spontaneity has slowly dwindled away.   Somewhere along this journey I have become this plan everything kind of a person.   It's not a bad life... schedules, lists, plans, appointments, events, activities.... Always prepared for anything and everything. 

When this weekend rolled around we were out paint shopping for my newest crafting endeavor, Spontaneity hit my husband.  I planned for a simple trip to the hardware store, grab a coffee and doughnut from our favorite cafe, and a little grocery shopping to end the day.  Then out of left field he asks if I want to go to "the big city". 

Hmmmm.....   No grocery shopping.  Only one diaper.  One juice box, two snacks, no stroller.  I was totally unprepared for a full day and reluctantly said YES! 

In a picture perfect world I would tell you that it was amazing, but lets get real.  We get to the restaurant and out of no where the little starts screaming that she has poop.  The plan to save that one diaper until our ride home, out the window.  I change her and pray she can hold filling it for a few hours.  NOPE, 2 minutes later she randomly has diarrhea!!   We look at each other with defeated smiles and murmur what should we do.  I wasn't ready to go so off to the bathroom again and this time around I saw a huge stack of diapers that I must have missed the first time around.  Those diapers saved the day and we did end up having a nice time shopping and getting dessert.  Might I add that as soon as we leave [3 diapers later and one pair of tights demolished] diarrhea stops.   

Our spontaneous outing did affirm my desire to be prepared, but it also showed me that it will be okay even if I'm not.  Things will work out.  Being a little spontaneous here and there can be fun, it doesn't always have to be stressful.  Not every outing or event or day has to be planned hour by hour.   

And guess what, on Monday we had yet another spontaneous day.  Hubby randomly got the day off, we planned to walk around the city and somehow ended up at the lake, and even though we dressed inappropriately [me in my wedges and Cindy in her dress] we had a blast.  Guess that little bit of spontaneity is still in me. 

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