Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cleaning Tip: How to get gum off fabric

The other weekend a family member sat in the car and mysteriously had gum on his back without him knowing. So to our dismay there was gum on the passenger seat of my newcar. My husband was freaking out a little bit because he was driving my car when it happened. He said he had two choices to make, to tell me or not to tell me. I was glad that he did because I knew he didn't know what to do. In all honesty I didn't for 2 seconds and then a light bulb turned on.... ICE!

What you do is get ice and rub it on the gum. Keep rubbing it until it is cold and hard. Once that is accomplished just scratch away!

 Then.... TADA! All gone!

So next time you get gum on fabric think ICE!


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