Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sleep Over Party Favors

The sleep over has passed and no kidding it was one of the funnest [is that a word?] parties I have planned for.  The birthday girl's mom is amazing.  She is wonderful and also crafty so collaborating with her was a treat for me.  I gave her ideas and she totally helped me customize it for her girls, which to me is very important.  I hope all my future clients are as fun as her.  Because the party was only a few girls the favors were plentiful.   

Here is how the table was set up.  

The girls got mason jars filled with all of these goodies.  Glow bracelets, pop rock, a nail file, a head band, a loofah and an eye mask.  

I took the top lid off of mason jars, put the mask, hair tie and pop rocks in.  Squished the loofa in and slid the tall items in the back.  Added some tags.

And TADA everything fit perfect and looked so cute!

Now the birthday girl of course gets a favor that is a little bigger and much more special.  She got everything the other girls got just more of it.  Plus her bin included note pads, a tube of green clay mask [we use to love this as preteens], a zebra white board, and I made her a zebra tote.

To top it off, I also made the girls matching zebra print boxers.  Birthday girl got a teal bow on hers.  The boxers are super duper easy to make.  Dana from MADE gives the best step by step tutorial.  

Last but not least the girls got to make their own pillowcases.  I pre-washed, cut, and prepped all the fabric for them.   Wrapped it up pretty and they were ready to be sew.  A tutorial for these pillowcases can be found HERE.  It's basically the invitation envelop on a larger scale.  I'll share the finished product on a later post. 

Such fun party favors!  Now wouldn't you want to be a pre-teen at this sleepover?! 

Happy Tuesday everyone.

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