Monday, May 20, 2013

Sleepover Party Games

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You can't have a sleepover without games!  When I was a preteen I remember doing make overs, hair, nails and putting on those green face masks that peel off your face.  It's not like our perfect skin needed it but it was just so much fun!  There are a ton of sleepover party games out there, here are just a few that the girls played.  [Special thanks to Sandy for the pictures] 

Instead of just painting your nails why not play spin the bottle with nail polish?!  You spin the bottle and whatever color it lands on you paint one nail with that color.  By the end you have a rainbow of colors.  

The girls used the eye masks for their blind make overs.  The person blindfolded gets to put makeup on another person.  I bet there were a lot of giggles after seeing the end result. 

I can't take credit for this game.  This is one Sandy told me about.  You fill balloons with candy, confetti, and I used glow bracelets too and hang them up.  I hot glued a pin to the end of a wooden dowel and you get a balloon pinata!  Blindfold one girl at a time and let them see what they can get.  

Sandy posted a video of her daughter jumping and jumping trying to pop one of the balloons.  I was literally laughing out loud.  I can't wait to try this at a party. 

And just a random balloon tip.  I had to blow up a ton of little balloons for one of the walls as decor and what helped save my lungs was our ball pump.  It's slower but it works. 

We also talked about a craft for the girls.  Decorating totes, maybe T-shirt, and in the end she came up with sewing pillow cases.  So cute!  I loved this idea.  I just prepped and wrapped all the fabric and all the girls had to do was pin and sew.  Such a neat party favor! 

What a fun sleepover I wish I was there!  What kind of games did you play at sleep over parties?


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