Thursday, May 16, 2013

Zebra Sleep Over Party

If you follow my facebook you will know my ADD is getting the best of me and I am all over the place.  Parties, quilts, finishing furniture, and so the list goes on.  And in the midst of the craziness we have a new sponsor who is generously doing a huge giveaway?!  Be sure to enter HERE

Parties have gobbled what spare time I have right now and I am loving it.  This party was especially fun to put together and Sandy's home was the perfect location.  Isn't that brick wall just gorgeous!   It's actually wall paper and I want it!

The main focus of the table were the zebra cupcakes.  They were both zebra on the inside and outside. I dyed chocolate cake black [you can find the food coloring here], swirled it with the vanilla and baked.  Piped some regular icing and then did marshmallow fondant zebra stripes.  [Covered crates in fabric to give the cupcake stand some height.]

Kept the decor pretty simple.  Poms of course, a cute banner and do you reconize that table?!  Yup she has the same sewing table as me, the Norden Gateleg.  I told you it was perfect for parties too.  Instead of a table cloth I used ruffled streamers.

It took one full roll of white and black sewn together.  I taped it to the table and also taped it down to the floor to create this fun zebra striped faux table cloth. 

On the table the girls got some yummy treats.  Plastic movie tubs to hold their popcorn and this huge crate of chips and movie candy.  [And to create some depth, the box they are sitting on is just a board game wrapped in polka dot wrapping paper] 

Striped chocolate covered pretzel sticks and eclairs, which were the birthday girls one request.  I also set up a fondue section for the girls.  Marshmallows with red striped straws, strawberries, apples [not pictured].  The plastic bowls that held the toppings were from Ikea.  They held the peanuts, white chocolate chips, and rainbow sprinkles.  Talk about a sugar overload! 

And of course you need milk to wash it all down! My carafe is from Ikea for a buck.  I absolutely love love love glass milk bottles but they are so expensive!  I just bought a six pack of Starbucks Fraps, enjoyed them, washed, and scrubbed the labels off.  To get rid of the printed expiration date, take a little nail polish remover and wipe it off.  Easy peasy. 

The girls favorite table was the one that held all the party favors.   I replicated the balloons and streamers from a pin on pinterest.   You can check out all the goodies the girls got HERE.  

I hung up their boxers on the wall for them to see and they fit all the girls perfectly.  Doesn't the birthday girl just darling?! 

I definitely foresee a sleep over in my little love bugs future. 


  1. I love this party! Zebra print looks fab! The backdrop is so pretty:) x

  2. Found you on Busy Monday - Love the party. Looks like it was a blast. --Penny Lane @

  3. What a fun theme for a party. I cannot wait to try this for myself.

  4. Great party theme and everything turned out so cute! thanks so much for sharing on busy Monday!


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