Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Daiso Haul

During my trip to Canada I made sure I took time to visit one of my favorite stores... Daiso! Daiso is a Japanese $2 store with lots of cool stuff from the kitchen, to food, cosmetics, and just about everything. I absolutely love Daiso since I was a kid because they have so many cool things (like post its, pens, and stationary - those were the things I was addicted to as a child). Here is a little haul of some of my favorite purchases.

1. Plastic Wooden Tray, Tea Tumbler Cups, Saucers
2. Lace Printed Plastic Tray, False Lashes, Compact Lash Holder
3. Icing Tips, Small Narrow Spatula
4. Pocket Notebook (silver and gold)

They had a ton of organization bins, if I could I would've bought them, but wasn't sure I was going to pull off packing it into our luggage.

There you have it! I love Daiso! Have you ever visited a Daiso store before?

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