Friday, June 14, 2013

Firetruck Party

Ever have so much to do that you don't want to do anything?  That's pretty much me these days.  Playing catch up and keeping up with all the holidays and events.  I'm pooped.  

Anywhoo, before I left on vacation we had the firetruck party and I never even got a chance to share the party [just the invitations HERE].  I'm pretty behind on all this sharing stuff but one day I'll catch up.  The party was at the park and the mama wanted it simple so her wish was my command.  It still came out really cute... I mean cool.   

The kids had hot dogs, chips, and sodas and we filled the table with yummy firetruck inspired treats.  Match sticks, fire truck tires, hot pops, and fire hoses.  The kidos [and adults] loved it.  Turns out my potato salad was a hit too.  

Special thanks to Mary from Posh Little Party Shop for providing the graphics for the food labels.  Aren't they adorable?!  Be sure to like her on facebook too! 

Along with the food labels she also did cupcake toppers.  She actually has a firetruck themed party bundle [invitations, food labels, cupcake toppers, and an iron on for shirts].  She pretty much does it all. 

A lot of the food was of course inspired from Pinterest.  You can check out my board HERE.  The only thing I really had to make were the matches.  Pretzel, red chocolate melts, dip, and dry on wax paper.  Easy peasy. 

I fell in love with THIS cake on there.  Of course mine doesn't look quite as good but I think it came out nice.  I'll share more about the cake on another post.

Just a random idea but I didn't know what do to with the forks, straws and napkins so I painted different sized tin cans, added some ribbon and WALA.  Didn't cost me a thing and it held everything perfectly.

The kiddos got goody bags of treats and these fun little fire trucks.  I found these for super cheap on amazon. 

It was a great first boy party for me and the adorable little birthday boy had a good time.  That's what matters the most!   [More about the iron on's from Posh Little Party Shop coming in another post]. 

Happy Friday everyone!

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