Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How to Make Pom Pom Balls with Tissue Paper

I love pom poms.  They are cheap, easy to make, are great to decorate a kids room after the party, and fill up a room fast!  I have done a tutorial on how to make these bad boys using Ikea napkins HERE.  This tutorial is a little more in depth if you need more pictures and details.  It's the cheapest way but using tissue is really the easiest way.  It's a little more costly but saves time.  

I start with a stack of gift wrapping tissue paper.  Since we are overseas it's hard to find these in bulk for a good price.  I buy mine from amazon and sometimes you can get such a great price.  I bought a stack of 200 hot pink sheets for $7!  What a steal!

Now you can make a variety of sizes.  Large, medium and small.  To start, you take a stack of tissue [large: 8, medium 7, small 6].  The more sheets the fuller the pom looks.  Fold it accordion style, like a fan.  Then repeat so you have two [top picture].  Stack them one on top of the other and cut slits in the center on each side [bottom picture]

You can use thread to tie the two stacks together but using these twisties you get from bread bags of those pack of clear bags is the easiest.  Twisty the center part and add tie your thread.  You can also use ribbon to hang poms it's up to you. 

Once I cut the ribbon, I like to use a piece of paper to hold the extra thread.  I cut slits in each side and start winding the thread.  This makes it easier to hang the poms.  Add masking tape to the paper and bam it's on the ceiling.  This also makes adjusting the height of the poms easier. 

Scallop or cut spikes on the edges and lay it like so.  You will then start pulling one sheet at a time to the center.  Pull the bottom left in, then the top right one in [where the arrows are pointing].  

Pull it all the way to the center like so.  Do about three sheets on each side, turn it over and repeat.  It will start to look like a pom pom in no time! 

Before you know it you will have a whole bunch of them for your party!

Aren't poms so fun and festive?!  I love them.  Happy Monday everyone.  


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