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Monday, July 29, 2013

Wonder where we are now that we are packed out of our house and ready to go?   If you follow me on instagram you would sort of know. We are currently in temporary housing and it is the bomb.  (Yup I did just say the bomb).  Lots of big buns and bumming around...  No, I'm kidding.

It's like a little apartment, three bedrooms, two baths, and fully stocked (with a washer and dryer too!)  It's the best home away from home.  I have all American sized appliances and its like a whole new world.  If you didn't know, German appliances are about half the size.  I haven't had a fridge this big in three years!!

We have limited toys but little miss has made the best of what she has.  Sometimes the best toys aren't toys at all.

I don't know why I though we would be relaxing the days away but that hasn't been the case.  Lots of last play dates and trips to the park which happens to be walking distance (score!!!).  We have also been blessed with such awesome friends.  I have hardly had to cook thanks to all the going away lunches and dinners.  Yummy food and lots of cappuccinos.  Can you tell I am lovin' this time?!

Thankfully none of the goodbyes have been terribly sad.  The sooner we get to leaving this wonderful place the more I miss it.

Happy Monday,

Quilt Along Part 2: Plus Quit

Friday, July 26, 2013

So you have had a month since I first started this quilt along series, enough time to choose and order fabrics so let's get started! 

Before you start cutting or anything like that, you need to get your design in order.  Here is a free template of the design.  I made a crib sized quilt, which is 45 by 60 inches.  So each square will measure 4.25inches.

Color in the plus signs with the colors of your prints.  Mine looked like this.  My little love bug wanted in on the fun so she got to color one too.  Gotta get em crafting early!  This is your blueprint and guide for putting the pieces together. 

Wash, dry and iron your fabrics [if you wish].  Count how many squares you need of each color and start cutting. Once you are done you should have a stack of squares like so. 

Now go back to your blueprint and number the rows from one to fifteen.  I put together each row and place them in zip lock bags.  I numbered the zip locks to show what row it is.  Because I can't finish a quilt in one sitting I like to keep things organized so when I have a chance to get back to it, I know just where I left off.  

When I come back, we will take out the pieces in each bag and sew them together!  Until then Happy .....

Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower Invitations

Monday, July 22, 2013

A few weeks ago I put together a party in a box for a baby shower.  If you are wondering what a party in a box is, the name says it all.  It's everything you need for a party.  The theme was adorable, hot air balloons for a little girl. 

 First things first for any party I assist in and that is a Pinterest board for inspiration.  It gets the juices flowing and helps the client choose what they want.  Then on to the invitations.  I absolutely adore these!  They were designed by miss Marcy Kay from Posh Little Party Shop.  You will be hearing a lot about her when it comes to my parties.  She is my go to girl for graphics.  

Marcy is awesome.  We needed a card insert for the diaper raffle and BAM she made it happen. 

My favorite part about the invitations has to be the design on the back!  How neat is that?!  And of course the only place I like to print is Mpix.  If you remember I printed my Christmas cards through them and also pictures for a frame.  They print DIY invites like this and no extra charge to print on the back.  Easy to do on the site, great price, and the quality is excellent.  The parents to be loved Mpix so much they also printed thank you cards through them.  

The mom to be also added the hemp cord, which is just adorable. 

Putting together this baby shower stuff sure gave me baby fever.... Stay tuned because I will be sharing more of what's in this party in a box soon! 

Happy Tuesday,

Packed Out and Ready to Go

Saturday, July 20, 2013

If you follow my instagram you would know that we just packed out our house!!  It's over and was a lot less painless than I expected.  But it isn't all that hard when you nave movers doing all the work.  Our stuff is boxed, in crates and well on its way to e good ol USA. 

I'm really proud of my little monster because she was such a trooper!  Kept busy for hours doing all sorts of thing... playing with toys that aren't toys and of course boxes.  Not to mention lots of hanging with daddy while I got a jump start on the house cleaning.  Cleaning was painless and now that is it over I can put my feet up relax [and go to the poo guilt free].  

At this point I'm a ball of emotions.  I'm sad to leave a wonderful place.  We made many good friends here.  Going to miss the traveling for sure!  I'm a little nostalgic.  I almost shed a tear seeing my little miss sleeping in her room one last time.  I can vividly remember bringing home from the hospital and letting her sleep in this same room so tiny in her gigantic crib.  So many cherished memories together as a family that we will have to take with us in our heart.

I'm mostly excited.  I think a lot of the excitement has kept me from getting too sad.  The idea of living in a new place makes me giddy.  I can hardly wait to see our new city, find our new house, and make more friends.  Im excited to go to Target, Home Goods, Wold Market, TJ Max, Joann's, Michaels.... Ahh the list goes on!  There is so much to look forward to.  We will never forget our time in Germany, it was a blessing and a once in a lifetime experience (isn't this gift from our neighbors awesome???).  And who knows we could end up gong over seas again.  

I'm BACK and Still Alive

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thanks to a little encouragement from Xenia I thought I would do a quickie post.  Shame on me it has been almost a month since I last posted.  Tisk tisk.  You know how life goes though.  We have been oober busy and my poor little page has just gotten neglected.  So what have I been up to and where have I been??

Working on party box numero uno.  Hot air balloon themed baby shower.  I can't wait to share all this cuteness.

Then of course it was 4th of July.  Had a blast at the carnival on base, awesome fireworks, and home made apple pie.

Over the long weekend we took a short trip to one of my favorite places... Belgium.  Chocolates, waffles, mussels you can't go wrong.  Ghent was gorgeous and we got blessed with a hotel right on the water.

A little more site seeing in Brugge.

Somewhere in between I got a George Foreman grill and have been obsessed ever since and you would know if you follow me on facebook.  I use it everyday.  I've grilled steaks, chicken, veggies and it makes a mean panini too.

There were trips to the pool, play dates, planning the move, and then party box number two.  A cowgirl themed birthday.  It was a blast to put together!  [Yup another sneak peak].

Not sure how I feel about it yet but I'm back on Instagram.  We will see how long it lasts this time.  If you happened to find me you would know the move is now here.  We will be boxing up the house by the end of the week and my life has been minimized to a suitcase.

So now you know where I have been the past month.  I promise that once this house is packed up and we are laying back with nothing to do I will do some major catching up.  Those pictures of crafts, and recipes I have been hoarding will be shared soonish [hopefully].
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