Monday, July 22, 2013

Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower Invitations

A few weeks ago I put together a party in a box for a baby shower.  If you are wondering what a party in a box is, the name says it all.  It's everything you need for a party.  The theme was adorable, hot air balloons for a little girl. 

 First things first for any party I assist in and that is a Pinterest board for inspiration.  It gets the juices flowing and helps the client choose what they want.  Then on to the invitations.  I absolutely adore these!  They were designed by miss Marcy Kay from Posh Little Party Shop.  You will be hearing a lot about her when it comes to my parties.  She is my go to girl for graphics.  

Marcy is awesome.  We needed a card insert for the diaper raffle and BAM she made it happen. 

My favorite part about the invitations has to be the design on the back!  How neat is that?!  And of course the only place I like to print is Mpix.  If you remember I printed my Christmas cards through them and also pictures for a frame.  They print DIY invites like this and no extra charge to print on the back.  Easy to do on the site, great price, and the quality is excellent.  The parents to be loved Mpix so much they also printed thank you cards through them.  

The mom to be also added the hemp cord, which is just adorable. 

Putting together this baby shower stuff sure gave me baby fever.... Stay tuned because I will be sharing more of what's in this party in a box soon! 

Happy Tuesday,


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