Friday, July 26, 2013

Quilt Along Part 2: Plus Quit

So you have had a month since I first started this quilt along series, enough time to choose and order fabrics so let's get started! 

Before you start cutting or anything like that, you need to get your design in order.  Here is a free template of the design.  I made a crib sized quilt, which is 45 by 60 inches.  So each square will measure 4.25inches.

Color in the plus signs with the colors of your prints.  Mine looked like this.  My little love bug wanted in on the fun so she got to color one too.  Gotta get em crafting early!  This is your blueprint and guide for putting the pieces together. 

Wash, dry and iron your fabrics [if you wish].  Count how many squares you need of each color and start cutting. Once you are done you should have a stack of squares like so. 

Now go back to your blueprint and number the rows from one to fifteen.  I put together each row and place them in zip lock bags.  I numbered the zip locks to show what row it is.  Because I can't finish a quilt in one sitting I like to keep things organized so when I have a chance to get back to it, I know just where I left off.  

When I come back, we will take out the pieces in each bag and sew them together!  Until then Happy .....

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