Monday, September 16, 2013

Crazy Storms and Unpacking

Our stuff is finally here!!  If you didn't know, we were hit pretty hard with some crazy rain here in Colorado.  It's flooded in a lot of our neighboring cities and 13 people have died. Please keep Colorado in your prayers.  Lucky for us only our garage flooded... and on the night before our stuff came.  Talk about blessing in disguise!   If we moved in even a day earlier so many of our items would have been damaged.  Needless to say it was box mania throughout the house.  Unpacking out magnet collection brought back a lot of memories. 

I am 90 percent finished with the unpacking.  Probably my favorite room to unpack was love bugs.  It's just so fun to create little areas for her to play in.  She has a dress up corner, an art section, and a little reading nook here.  At night she sits on her couch and I can hear her reading.  It's so sweet.   Hooray for me that my craft corner is back organized and ready to roll.... I already have projects lined up.  Can't wait! 

And all this unpacking really does get stressful.  I think the hubby could tell so yesterday he sent me out for a few hours to shop.  I grabbed my Wetzel Pretzel and hit H&M.  Not to mention this awesome consignment sale.  Dresses for $2.50 and a brand new gymnastics leotard for $3!  A ton of other stuff too.  Check out their upcoming sales in Colorado on the webpage, Just Between Friends.

Well back to unpacking for me.  Happy Monday everyone!

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