Monday, September 30, 2013

Free Moving Announcement Template

I officially feel moved in now that our address change announcement has been mailed and received.  I designed them this time around just because we won't be here too long.  I didn't want to spend money for a nice design but It came out a lot better than I expected. 

I wanted to offer the design for free.  I know the heart is a piece of Colorado's map but if you don't care about that then feel free to use it.  You can download the full design HERE on flickr.  Just right click and save the image.  I charge to insert your information for you but will be providing instructions on how you can do it yourself next week when I share the next free template. 

And if you are wondering how I like it.... I don't, I LOVE IT!  We live in a beautiful area.  Close to the city to do the fun city things like hang out at a theme park.

But more importantly to me, close to nature.  I hate big city living, busy streets, loads of people.  Too stressful.  We live in the happy medium.  I can see mountains from my window and we are only a short drive away from gorgeous trails. Loving this beautiful state so far. 

Happy Monday everyone,

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