Monday, September 9, 2013

Hello! Goodbye!

Hello Make it Cozee readers and Goodbye water stain!

 It sure has been a while since I have last posted. Just as life has happened to Patty it has happened to me as well. This past summer has been a whirlwind. My hubby and I decided that I would work at a summer camp that I have worked at for several years in the past. The only thing is that this summer camp was an hour away (without traffic). So we decided that I would live out where the camp was during the week and go home on the weekends. This meant I left home for camp on Sunday evenings, go back home on Fridays, cleaned on Saturdays, and prepare (cook, freeze, and pack) all of hubbies meals (dinner & lunch) for the week. As it was a lot of fun working at the camp, I was also ready to just be home. So now here I am... subbing (for a local christian school)... job hunting... and getting ready for the holidays! Yup, the holidays!!! The hubby wanted to put the Christmas tree up already! I said once the temperature changed from 100 to 80 degrees, then maybe!

So now that I am home I have quite a bit of home projects I am working on (deep cleaning our apartment, organizing, purging, etc). Project number one: my coffee table. A few months ago I spilled alcohol on it without knowing it until a white mark appeared. I contemplated a lot of options to salvage the table (paint it, modge podge, contact paper, putting fabric then a glass on top) but Pinterest came to the rescue! I found a pin (which I did not pin and cannot find), which instructed to blow dry the stain. I tried it and TADA! All gone! It was seriously a little miracle to me!!! 

 It is so easy. Just blow dry it on HIGH HEAT and watch it disappear! If you ever get any water stains on your furniture (tables, chairs, etc) you know what to do!

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