Thursday, September 19, 2013

Quilt Along Part 3: Plus Quilt

So if you have followed my failed attempt at this quilt along you would know we have come to the fun part... putting everything together!!  If you missed Part 1 and 2 you can check those posts:

We left off organizing each row into little bags.  I was in a time crunch so I missed a crucial step which is laying out the pieces of the quilt before sewing them.  I highly recommend you don't miss this or else you could end up with a wonky quilt like mine.  Thank goodness the design hides it well.  Make sure all the pieces line up and trim any that don't.

Now it's time to take each bag and start piecing the squares together.  Sew them right sides facing together a quarter of an inch.  Use your pattern to make sure you are sewing them on together.  Once a row is finished iron the seams flat.  I like to iron them both to one side but you can spit it open and iron down the middle too. 

Keep sewing the rows until you finish them all.  I keep mine in order stacked to the side.  If you don't have the time to finish, place each row back in it's bag and you can get back to it later.  

If you want to continue take the first two rows and sew them together.  Lay them right sides together and sew.  I like to then take row 3 and 4 and put those together... 5 and 6... and so on.   Then I attach 1&2 to 3&4.  Does that make sense?  Hopefully it does.  

When it is all done it should look something like this but hopefully better.  You can see that all the vertical lines don't line up and that's my big mistake which cost me the ability to quilt vertical lines later.  Oh well...

So I hate leaving this quilt tutorial unfinished again but my time is up.  Stay tuned for the final stretch where I'll be adding the batting, backing, quilting, and binding!  Until next time a bid you a good day.

Happy Thursday,

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