Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Why I Choose Printed Cards Vs. Online

A reader who I was designing invites for asked me whether I thought it was better to print the invites or use them as digital.  A great question that I thought I would answer here.  Digital invites are easier to get the word out, it's free, and I still get a specially designed card.  The free part sometimes wins me over.  My answer... What is better is what works best for you. 

  The number one reason I love printed cards is simple... I love being able to hold a card that I designed or printed and have it as a keepsake.  Call me sentimental, but it give me the warm fuzzies.  

When it comes to certain things, I am old school.  I can't let go of my printed books, especially the children's ones.   And just like digital books, I just don't love digital cards or invites the way I do printed ones.  I love sending out cards and getting them in the mail.  It's special.  Plus my mom and grandparents aren't on facebook and my mom doesn't even have an email so digit doesn't work.

To me, these invites are little keepsakes.  I keep them in a special box and will continue to collect them with each year that passes for both kids.  If there is no birthday party that year, I send a birthday announcement in the mail.  It's my own little tradition I guess. How neat will it be to pull these out 18 years from now to show the kiddos.

And every year I make it a PRIORITY to have Christmas cards printed and every year I put them up along with all the Christmas cards we get from the year.  It amazes me to see how our family grows and changes each year.  Just another special keepsake for us.  

I love real cards because I love designing and making cards.  I'm not exactly a pro at it but I love seeing the finished product.  Like my wedding invitations..... they aren't the most gorgeous or expensive wedding invites , but I take pride in them because I made them.  I tied all 60 whatever ribbons on every invite and stuffed every envelope.  Oh good times...

I just love printed cards and I don't think that will stop.  It is more pricey than digital invites especially if you print somewhere nicebut if you are mushy gushy like me and like to save them, I would definitely do it. 

And with that said... I have a new card design that will be up for grabs Friday so be on the lookout.  
Happy Wednesday!


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