Thursday, October 10, 2013

Halloween Snack Ideas

I love Halloween.  Growing up it was one of my favorite holidays.  Finding a costume, doing crafts, watching fun Halloweenie movies, pumpkin patches, carving pumkins, baking the seeds with my dad, eating candy corn... the list just goes on.  And now that I am all grown up I still love it.  Maybe even more so now that I get to share all my childhood memories with my little one.  I can't believe how fast it is coming!!  Last year was a blast, we went all out and had a Halloween party.  With all the moving, I skipped the decorating this year but as a consolation I am in charge of the snacks for the Halloween party at her preschool so im pretty excited about that.  There are so many good ideas it's hard to just pick a few!

And I would like to put together a treat for all her little classmates.  This would give me the perfect excuse to buy candy corn.  But the ghost poop is just so darn cute!  Though the marshmallows probably wouldn't last long with love bug around. 

There are also so many cute ideas for fun lunch Wednesday!  I can't wait to do those hot dog mummies.  She loves hot dogs [and so do I].  Before the end of the month I am determined to do the Frankenstein one! 

All images used on this post can be found on my Halloween Board.
Which treats do you think I should I do for the party?

Happy Thursday,


  1. My favorite might have to be those Frankenstein rice krispy treats. I think I might have to try that for sure! You are seriously the most creative lady, I can't wait to see your spin on these!

  2. Awesome Halloween party ideas in here. There’s too much to prepare for a party! From invitations, decorations, music and especially Halloween Recipes! Gee excited for this year’s Halloween gatherings: D Thanks for sharing and I do hope I could pin some nice photos on my Pinterest boards. Good day!


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