Thursday, November 7, 2013

20 Week Update

I've completely failed at updating you on the baby growth.  I think the last time I mentioned baby was when I announced that I was pregnant.  Well, I am now halfway there!!  Woo hoo for being 20 weeks.  Just look at that belly grow.... and well me too. 

These are all pictures I took from my Instagram hence the yucky quality, but the belly size is kind of deceiving.  It look small in the morning and as the day progresses it just grows and grows.  I was shocked at how big it was at the end of the night here at 15 weeks.  Then I wake up in the morning and it's a little smaller again, the tiny belly bump at 18 weeks.  

 Belly growth isn't all that's happening though.  Reading back through my journal with my love bug, she killed me the first trimester, but was pretty pleasant the second.  I've been sure to journal to this baby what a hard time he or she has been giving me this second trimester.  Head aches, overly tired, getting sick, nausea, overly emotional, aversion to my love of milk.  I guess it's payback for a breezy first twelve weeks. 

You know me, I am not a huge fan of being pregnant, but feeling those little movements make it all worth it.  I know I keep comparing this pregnancy to the last but it is just so amazing to me how different they are.  During this same time, my love bug was kicking up a storm around this time and daddy had already felt her move.  Doing her gymnastics in there I am sure.  This baby on the other hand has been real gentle.  I feel the kicks but they aren't as strong and not as frequent, mostly at night.  With love bug my candy of choice was Reese's and with this baby Snickers [I hate Snickers].

Nothing like pregnancy to make you want what you don't like.  For me, craving are all over the place... from white rice and at one point I only wanted Asian food. Then I went through a pita and hummus phase and now it's just sweets.  Doesn't help that it was just Halloween.  Trying really hard to keep eating healthy especially since my doctor is so crazy about me not gaining so much weight, but it's tough being preggo during the holidays.  Hopefully I can manage the eating during the next few months.   

So that's my baby update.  Keep Baby Bear and I in your prayers as we grow even bigger the next 20 weeks!

Happy Thursday,

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